Thursday, September 22, 2005


"after the beep, you know what to do..." click. beeeeeeeeeep.

everyone knows what that is. it's an answering machine, one that is tired of explaining that you should leave your name and number, and to state your purpose or die. then again, you might just be lucky we'll get back to you if we feel like it. it's getting to be a staple response from most answering machines these days.

the same warning should be installed in women that prompts us guys every month.

i was recently handed by my girlfriend an article in Cosmo (strategically, a woman's magazine!) about a guy succumbing to the pitfalls of PMS. she was, in all sincerity, hoping that i'd be "enlightened" as to the ordeals women go through every month. in the article, the writer, apparently a man, tells his readers to just let things be when it comes to PMS. paraphrasing, i would say that PMS is just like the rising of the sun, or the changing of the tides - let it be.

i haven't the strength of will to do just that. so sue me. whatever course of evolution made woen what they are is the same course of evolution that'll make men understand why women are what they are. i'd still need the early warning device every month.

still, even with that device on, i'd need an anti-lock braking system and a good airbag to help me survive the inevitable collision.

"...the number you have dialed is not yet a telephone, please talk to yourself for the moment..."


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jet descallar said...

thank you very much, that was very nice of you. i'm new at blogging myself, i just write whatever words spark in my head and hope that some stroke of luck would put them all together in the right order. :)

what is "keyword bidding"? it sounds cool, it really does. i hope you could show me what it is. i couldn't tell you if it's really cool until i know what it is. but right now it sounds like it. :)

you're very much welcome to drop me what you think of what i'm writing. i'd take it an honor to know that you're reading.

have a nice day, and keep on smiling!